Big Mahalo Sticker.

Big Mahalo Sticker.


Hello everyone. How are you doing?

Today we would like to introduce to you all our "Big Mahalo Stickers".
A cute one.

Thanks to the increase in online orders, we created this novelty as a thank-you gift to our online shoppers.
This will be a small thank-you gift, but we hope you like it.

The motif is the Pineapple Man, the mascot of the Runners Route.
In fact, this Pineapple Man is the second generation and was newly drawn for this sticker.

It has changed a lot compared to what it used to be.
I think we have made it look even more like a Hawaiian character.

We hope that everyone will love Pineapple Man on the Runners Route.

And please keep on shopping online at Runners Route!

Big Mahalo!

Runners Route

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