Great job, runners!

Great job, runners!


Last Sunday, December 11, the 50th anniversary of the Honolulu Marathon was held.

Around 27,000 runners participated in the event, as it was the first regular event in three years since the 2019 pandemic caused by the COVID-19.

Starting with the three-day Marathon Expo on Thursday, Honolulu will be filled with runners until the race on Sunday, when the entire city will be transformed into the Honolulu Marathon.

Marathon Expo

Mizuno sponsored the event from 2020 to this year, and there were many limited edition Honolulu products, and the official booth had a long line of runners waiting to buy the limited edition products. Replicas of the vintage T-shirts were also on sale.

Prior to the pandemic, there were 33,000 participants in 2019. Although we will not be able to match that number, it is still impressive to see 27,000 people starting all together.

This year's participants from Japan were approximately 5,400.
This is a far cry from the 16,000 participants in 2019, but it is impressive considering that the number of Japanese participants in 2021 was 566.


 If you have not yet run the Honolulu Marathon, please give it a try.
You will enjoy the unique atmosphere that only the Honolulu Marathon can offer.
You will surely be captivated by Hawaii and the Honolulu Marathon.

And if you have run the Honolulu Marathon once, please come back again.
You will be able to feel again the unchanged goodness of the Honolulu Marathon and the evolving charm of Hawaii.

We look forward to seeing more runners come to Hawaii next year to participate in the Honolulu Marathon.
Great job to all the runners who ran the Honolulu Marathon this year!
Runners Route

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