Aloha from Hawaii

Aloha from Hawaii

Aloha, everyone.

We have renewed our website to allow more customers to enjoy shopping at Runners Route.

Since our establishment in 1983, we have been serving the needs of many local customers and visitors. However, we have received many requests from our customers in Hawaii's Neighbor Islands and Mainland to send them our original products.

The renewal of our website is designed to meet these needs.

Of course, we will continue to be a community-based running specialty store in our stores as we always have.

We would also like to send running shoes at our in-store prices only to those who live on the neighbor islands in Hawaii.

Our original products will basically be sent to customers throughout the United States.

There are only a few products that we have registered yet, but we will continue to increase the number of products available for purchase.

I hope to meet more customers in the future than ever before.

We are excited to be able to bring you so many Aloha-filled products from Runners Route in Hawaii.


Runners Route

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