An active brand for women from Hawaii

An active brand for women from Hawaii


We'd like to explore the appeal of "Mau Mapu", a local brand that is now popular among Runners' Route customers and has repeat customers!

We had a chance to talk directly to the designer of Mau Mapu, and I'm sharing it with you!


Runners Route (RR): Since we started carrying Mau Mapu at Runners Route, it has become popular among local women and tourists from all over the world.
So, I'd like to know more about Mau Mapu, and I'd like to ask you a lot of questions!
RR: How did you come up with this "mau mapu"?
Mau Mapu (MM): When I started living and running in Hawaii, the activewear I was wearing was very tacky and uncomfortable. There was nothing special about the design, and I didn't like myself like that when I wore it. I thought it would be nice if there were cute clothes that would make me feel more comfortable. So I thought it would be nice if there were active wear in Hawaii that would give a sense of Hawaii's split, that would fit with Hawaii's wonderful climate and the way of life in harmony with nature.
RR: What are the characteristics of the mau mapu brand?
MM: It's a design that reminds me of Hawaii, and the design is filled with cute and empowering messages that make me chuckle.
RR: What items are you currently developing?
MM: Mau Mapu started with a light and soft tank top, but now, in addition to that main item, we have added T-shirts, shorts, leggings, tote bags, shoulder pouches, and other items to coordinate with our products.
RR: With more items, you can get a better sense of the atmosphere of Mau Mapu, and the fans are happy. What kind of brand do you want Mau Mapu to be in the future?
MM: When women wear what they want to wear and what they are comfortable in, they smile and feel better.
I believe that clothes can bring out a woman's inner beauty and change her inner self." I would like to become a brand with such charm and power that "a woman who wears Mau Mapu can be beautiful and happy, and everyone who sees or is involved with that happy woman can be happy.
And we would like to become a brand that delivers and conveys the beauty and goodness of Hawaii to the world.
RR: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the Mau Mapu brand! Let's spread this Mau Mapu thought!
Can't wait to see what the future holds for maumapu and their products! Please let us at Runner's Route handle any new products that come out in the future!
MM: Thank you very much! I look forward to working with you in the future!
Runners Route will continue to support Mau Mapu and discover brands that are unique to Hawaii and can only be purchased in Hawaii!
Mau Mapu products are available at both the Kapiolani and Aiea stores, so check them out when you come in!

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