Delay in delivery

Delay in delivery


This is an announcement for Runners Route customers.

Deliveries from vendors have not been forthcoming due to the lockdown in Vietnam where many brands have their production factory.

The schedule is so bad that some of the products that were supposed to come in this summer will come in next year.

However, this does not mean that no products are coming in at all, but deliveries are being made little by little.

Still, vendors are certainly not able to keep up with the demand, so it will be hopeless to sell products at special prices during the upcoming holiday season and at various events.

We keep a close eye on each vendor's inventory on a daily basis and work hard to keep them in stock faster than anyone else.

So, Don't hesitate to buy it if there is a product you want when you come to our stores. We also don't know when the same product will come in next.

We will strive to provide more products for Runners Route customers.


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