Here's what we got.

Here's what we got.


Today, We would like to introduce a new product from Runners Route.

The name is "Airflow Microstretch RR".

Airflow Microstretch RR
In the long history of Runners Route, we have tried many great running gears, but this is a collaboration with Amphipod whose products Runners Route trusts more than any other.
This time, We chose the Airflow Microstretch Plus Luxe Belt as the first product from the elite Amphipod lineup.

The reason why I chose this product is because it has a much larger capacity than it looks and can be used for all kinds of activities.
The waistband is elastic and does not shake even with heavy objects, making it ideal for walking, running, hiking and traveling around.
This is one of the best waist pouches that Runners Route has ever handled.

Next, let's talk about design.
『Aloha Design』
This chic design features hibiscus and monstera, typical of Hawaii and decorated with runners and plumeria. It's a sporty pattern that looks like a standard Hawaiian design and not old-fashioned.

『Paisley Design』
A classic paisley pattern with a Hawaiian design and color scheme. Try to find out how many Hawaiians you can find in the design. The result is more casual and stylish than the Aloha design.

Which design do you like better?

We will continue to release more products and designs that only Runners Route can produce, so please look forward to them.


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