RRH has made its debut.

RRH has made its debut.


Today We would like to introduce you to an activewear brand born in Hawaii.

It's "RRH"

RRH was born with the concept of clothing that fits the active lifestyle scene in Hawaii.
They do not exist in a large market like a national brand, but are made with only the people who love Hawaii and live in Hawaii in mind.
All of RRH's apparel is made from recycled materials and is not mass-produced and never disposed of.
It is a brand that will set the standard for the future by taking care of limited resources and nature, just like Hawaii.
More items that fit the active lifestyle of Hawaii are scheduled to be introduced in the future.
How about a gift for your friend who loves Hawaii?
Stay tuned for future developments at RRH!
We are sure it will continue to evolve and become the new standard for active wear.

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