The filming ended successfully.

The filming ended successfully.


We will be back to normal business hours tomorrow.

The Kapiolani Store was closed yesterday and today for the filming of a TV Show.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers.
The filming seemed to have gone smoothly and finished on schedule.

We will be open as usual tomorrow, Tuesday, April 13, from 10am.
We look forward to seeing you at the store.

 We witnessed the work of a professional.

In an instant, the Runners Route property became a filming location, and then it was back to normal.

It was probably a little scene of a few minutes, but a total of about 70 people were working on it.
It was a moving experience to see so many people come together and work together to create one thing.
Everyone seemed to be fully engaged in their work, and no time was wasted during the filming.

Crew was so professional we learned a lot from them.
We will make use of this experience in our future Runners Route.

Doogie Kamealoha M.D.

Runners Route will appear in the 5th Episode of Season One.
You can watch it on Disney+, if you can.

It may be a little different from the Runners Route you know.


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